Gaetano Kanizsa, [Composizione] 1993 - olio su tela, cm 50x70 Gaetano Kanizsa, [Gioco Spaziale] 1992 - olio su tela, cm 70x100 Gaetano Kanizsa, [Composizione] 1991 - olio su tela, cm 50x70

This is a virtual exhibition presenting shots of some of Gaetano Kanizsa's famous paintings. Kanizsa was an eminent psychologist who worked in the field of perception; his fascinating paintings are strongly related to his scientific activity.

In the spirit of scientific and artistic research, these images can be freely reproduced and disseminated; we only request that every reproduction is accompained by a clear mention of the painting name and of his author; for more information please contact silvia.kanizsa at